Monday, 1 December 2014

GraphiStudio albums from Italy via Martin Lewis Photographer

Whilst I outline in all my literature and website that I use a wide range (much wider than most photographers) of wedding books - I keep getting enquiries where people are asking to look at albums in a photo. The most satisfactory way of choosing your wedding (or other) photographer is always going to be to meet up and chat 1:1 about your plans and before signing on the dotted line. Presentation of the final output from any wedding photographer is only one aspect of their role, albeit - pretty important in my book.

For the benefit of some potential and also existing customers, I thought I would show a couple of images on my blog - of a couple of recent wedding books. So as to avoid confusion and bearing in mind I offer albums from a range of different suppliers - these are all coffee table 'photo books', each with a simple photo backed cover. They are all from GraphiStudio in Italy and are amongst the most popular I provide and are from the largest provider in the World. I can supply GraphiStudio albums at all package rates and whilst they vary - these are some recent examples.

The books I am showing here are simple photo books with a 'thick' page (pro photographic paper) on a pretty rigid page and cover (not flexible) and are all done using bespoke layouts that were agreed with each couple. Individual books are ordered and arrive with me pretty promptly from their production facility in Italy.

If you are interested to look them up - GraphiStudio are at this website address:

They also offer a broad range of cover types, paper types, lamination and other presentation options. Covers include natural leather, painted metal, Napa and distressed leather with die cut and text options, silk, crystal clear and so on. Having gone through a major revamp in 2013 and 14 - they have a growing range of album and cover types showing on their website, some of which may wet your appetite!

In the coming weeks and through my Winter 'season' - I may upload a few images of other types of traditional matted and similar albums and so as to illustrate the broad range of what's on offer through ME! Please bear in mind that you can only order albums such as these through your chosen photographer and they aren't available like this on the High Street.

This style of book also lends itself to parent albums, portraiture, baby photography, special events and corporate events.

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