Saturday, 12 November 2011

Official equestrian event photography for Wey Valley Riding Club in 2011

Today I am in the process of re uploading all the Wey Valley Riding Club event photography that I carried out on their behalf during 2011 to my website again.

Solely for the remainder of November 2011, all the WVRC event photots will be available in the 'View Your Photos' section of my website.

Riders and their friends and family can have access to view these photos just for the remainder of November 2011. Now is your opportunity to view these images and / or consider purchasing any as Christmas gifts, or reminders of a special day or ride.

See and the 'View Your Photos' section for all the event photos.

I hope this generates interest and some sales of prints too. I reiterate that images will not be on line beyond the end of November. Have a safe and enjoyable end to your year and I look forward to working with you all again shortly.

Happy browsing!!

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