Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tedworth Hunter Trial at Larkhill, Knighton Down - Official photography at an equestrian event.

Today I visited a remote and windswept stretch of military land (Army MOD), at Knighton Down, Larkhill. I was the official photographer for the Tedworth Hunter Trials event on 28th September 2014 and for around the 6th or 7th year running.

We had WARM and sunny weather - Summer is still with us as we approach October this year and so this made for conditions for good equestrian photography.

There was a range of four classes which covered the same 2 mile circuit all day – all of which kept me fully occupied and pretty tired by the end of the event in late afternoon.

You can view my sports events photos on line at my website: and images usually stay on line for up to two months for the competitors to browse and / or purchase prints from me. You can also see samples of my event photography via my website or on my Facebook page or blog.

If you are organising an event and require a high calibre event photography service – please feel free to get in touch to check out my availability and to see what I may be able to offer YOU. The organisers of this cross country event were Tedworth HSC and are a friendly, supportive and dedicated bunch. They certainly know how to put on a great event.

The images were available for viewing and sale to the riders and their families on the same day. It is always my priority to get event photos on line as soon as I can and offer riders realistically priced photos, with discounts and to offer them some appealing shots.

As always these images are © Martin Lewis Photographer and are protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and may not be used for any purpose without written permission from myself.

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